Cool Protect Mattress Protector

Previous Next Cool Protect Series Our SensiCE fabric has been created using a hyper-conductive material that draws heat away from it, resulting in a comfortably cool effect that helps your body reach its optimal sleeping temperature more easily. Add to this our 100% biobased Allergy Protect technology and not only is your mattress protected from […]

Deluxe Cool Pillow

Previous Next AirFlow System A Clean Sleep BambuCool Memory Foam Better Feeling 2 2 Year Guarantee Cooling Memory Foam Pillow Designed to give you all-night comfort, combined with cooling Bamboo technology for a refreshing night’s sleep. Crafted by our sleep experts using our own BambuCool Memory Foam in a unique AirChannel design to encourage airflow […]

Premier Gel Ice Pillow

Previous Next Available in Slim, Medium and Deep height Luxury Gel-Enhanced Memory Pillow Our Premier Gel Ice series combines the adaptable comfort of our Cloud Memory Foam with the refreshing feel of our Cool Gel Technology. Hand crafted Ice Fabric delivers a cooler sleep surface, ensuring you get the deeper, more complete night’s sleep you’ve […]

Premier Deluxe Pillow

Previous Next Luxury Gel Memory Pillow This pillow is about balance. We take the best of our Comfort Memory Foam and combine it with our advanced Cooling Gel, creating a more relaxed sleep experience that adapts to the natural contours of your head and neck. Find a store near you Memory Foam Cool Comfort Gel […]

Premier Pillow

Previous Next Luxury Comfort Memory Pillow Our Premier pillow is crafted from our high-tech Comfort Memory Foam. It’s built to conform to the natural contours of your head and neck, aligning your spine and providing you with an even, natural state of support. Find a store near you Memory Foam Better Feeling 2 2 Year […]

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