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MLILY x Manchester United Pitch Day

MLILY recently gave two avid teams of football fans the unforgettable experience of playing a 90-minute game of football on the iconic Old Trafford pitch as part of our global partnership with Manchester United. Fans had the chance to enjoy the full Theatre of Dreams matchday experience, in the footsteps of their heroes.

After arriving at the stadium for Pitch Day, Alan “the voice of Old Trafford” Keegan introduced David May and Danny Webber as Team Managers followed by Team Captains Wes Brown and Quinton Fortune, before confirming the teams and excitedly heading down to the famous Old Trafford dressing rooms.

Alan Keegan introduces Team Managers David May, Danny Webber, and Team Captains Wes Brown, Quinton Fortune.
Home Team Talk
Away Team Talk

Martyn Murphy, who was joined on the day by his father Stewart and brother-in-law Steve, said, “The whole day was a bit surreal. From changing in the first team dressing room to making the same walk so many of my heroes have made over the years, down through the tunnel onto the pitch which has always had a ‘KEEP OFF THE PITCH” sign in place when I have previously walked down during stadium tours.”

The stage was set for an exciting encounter between the MLILY Reds F.C. and the MLILY Devils F.C., two teams with everything to play for . Following team talks, the players emulated the journeys of the likes of Fernandes, Rashford, and Hojlund as they lined up in the tunnel before walking out onto the Old Trafford pitch. Walking out to the iconic Stone Roses song ‘This is The One’, You could feel the nervousness and tension in the air.

Following a quick warm-up session led by the Manchester United Soccer School coaches and match fuelling with WOW HYDRATE electrolyte drinks, the customary team photos were taken, and handshakes were exchanged, signalling the imminent kickoff. Pitch Day

Our MLILY Devils (Left) and MLILY Reds (right)
First Half:

The coin toss favoured the MLILY Devils FC, who opted to shoot towards the Stretford End. An inspiring decision as just 2 minutes into the match, the Devils struck their first blow.
Josh Pickering executed a brilliant solo run, covering two-thirds of the pitch, before delivering a deft chip over the goalkeeper. The ball sailed gracefully into the net, marking a spectacular start and putting the Devils ahead early on.

However, their lead was short-lived. Six minutes later, the Reds equalised with a well-executed corner kick found Wright, who got between the defenders and put it past the keeper. This set the tone for the Reds’ first-half dominance, scoring an astonishing seven more goals before the break. Faris Khan was in exceptional form, securing a hat trick despite the valiant efforts of the Devils’ defender, Alex Paxton. 

Joe Wright also contributed to the scoreline alongside Eduardo Seixas, whose pass forward two-thirds down the pitch, was defended long enough for him to make up in time to score. Rounding this off was a stunning goal from Stewart Murphy curling one into the top corner from 18 yards, leaving the keeper no chance. Stewart, who regularly plays five-a-side, showed remarkable spirit and skill. After Tom Schofield’s formidable strike was thwarted by the vigilant keeper, Ben Lysons, Martyn Murphy, swiftly capitalised, driving home the Reds’ fifth goal a mere five minutes later.

Half-time score; Reds 8-1 Devils

Josh Pickering scores our first goal of the match
Faris Khan's flawless form earned him a hat trick, despite Alex Paxton's defense for the Devils.
Eliza Khan showed amazing football skills for womens football.
72yo Stewart Murphy fulfills lifelong dream to score at OT
Second Half:

The halftime scoreline was daunting for the Devils, but Quinton Fortune’s team talk seemed to invigorate them. They started the second half with renewed energy and determination. Their first goal-scorer of the match, Josh Pickering, struck confidently again, reducing the deficit.

In a surprising twist, a halftime agreement saw Faris Khan switch sides after a loan deal involving two pillows, five mattresses, and a mattress protector. His presence bolstered the Devils, adding an interesting dynamic to the game and our 11th goal of the match.

Straight from the kick-off, Wright unleashed a stunning lob from the halfway line that caught the opposing keeper off his line, reminding everyone of the Red’s formidable prowess. Not to be outdone, Josh Pickering responded in kind, capitalising on a brilliant play from Liam Irwin to secure a hat trick, leaving the crowd in awe of his clinical finishing. It was a testament to the Devils’ resilience, proving that despite setbacks, they were still a force to be reckoned with.

The Devils were back fighting strong, proving they might have been down but certainly weren’t out. The tempo intensified with three rapid-fire goals in just as many minutes, as Liam Irwin showcased his speed and finesse to notch up his first goal of the match, swiftly followed by another assisted by Issac Clarke. Blair Maclennan joined the fray, adding to the Devils’ tally with a dazzling run from midfield to further cement their dominance.

The Reds refused to be overshadowed, with Colin Whiting delivering a moment of brilliance that left spectators gasping in disbelief. Evading the defence with masterful skill, Colin’s precision shot nestled into the bottom corner, showcasing the depth of talent on display.

As the clock wound down, Eliza Khan left her mark on the game, with a display of agility and finesse that left the goalkeeper grasping at thin air, sealing the final goal of the match and underlining a dominant display of the home team.

Final Score: Reds 11-7 Devils

Clashes with the keeper
Colin Whiting after scoring a belter
Liam Irwin uplifted his team's spirits during the game.
Blair Maclennan with his run from midfield

Following the final score, the medals were handed out by the team captains and the inaugural winners of the MLILY Cup, lifted their trophy into the air to applause from everyone inside the stadium.

With friends made, experiences that will be talked about for a lifetime and the physicality of playing on such a large pitch, we’re sure everyone will sleep well after the game.
Now, onto the recovery!

Guard of honor for our winners.
Devil's Medal Ceremony
Our inaugural winners of the MLILY Cup.

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