Are Lie Ins Actually Good For Us?

On National French Toast Day, it can be tempting to simply lie in bed with a big plate of food, watching videos on your lap top.
However, for the clear majority of us, this situation is simply not possible, as we race to work each morning- wishing we had managed a few more moments in bed asleep.
French toast is without a doubt enjoyed best at the weekends, where the infamous lie in can take place. Yet, although they might feel good, are lie ins beneficial to our health, or could they be ultimately damaging it?
Despite the science behind sleep still being investigated every day, it seems that lie ins can be good!
Research has shown that patients who slept 5 hours in the week, whilst sleeping a couple of hours extra in the weekend, have no raised mortality risk, as opposed to people who stick to 6-7 hours every day.
The study, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, is based on 38,000 adults, who were monitored over a period of 13 years.
So, it all checks out that sleeping five hours each night on average in the week can raise early mortality by 65 per cent but catch up on that kip at the weekend and there is zero increase of risk!
Studies have also shown that our bodies naturally fall into an appropriate sleep pattern as we get older, with statistics after the age of 65 showing nothing substantial, as our body clocks finally level out.
It does seem logical that the longer we are awake, the more sleep we need, although as always, it’s not that simple.
Studies are also showing that people who sleep more than eight hours every day of the week, have a 25 per cent increase in early mortality!
Bearing all of this in mind, it’s probably best to go with your body clock, perfect your sleeping environment and maybe treat yourself to a few extra hours in bed at the weekend- but not too much!
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