Layered with a purpose.

Our design is customized to ensure you get
the deep, healthy sleep you need to perform at your peak.

Crafted from our

Cool Gel Memory Foam.



Unparalleled Support

Natural Feel



Our sleep scientists have worked tirelessly with the Recovery & Regeneration Team
at Manchester United to provide a mattress that fits the needs of a world class athlete.

But it doesn’t stop there.
We’ve made our advanced technology available to everyone!

Now Introducing:

Harmony Pocket Gel Series

Our signature Harmony series is aptly named to bring you a new degree of balance and support. From top to bottom, our Harmony mattress line is vertically synched to deliver a natural state of sleeping harmony. Our Mlily Cooling Gel is layered into all of our Harmony mattresses, keeping you cooler whilst improving the circulation of oxygen and blood in your body.


Watch our TV Commercial “The Contender” now for an exclusive glimpse into how we’re redefining sleep and changing perceptions of performance. Maybe it’s time you asked more out of your mattress.

Latest News    1 October 2018


Continuing to build off its 2018 success, Mlily made a splash on this year’s USA preseason tour with long-term partner Manchester United. Ranging across the States from Los Angeles to Miami, Mlily gained further invaluable international exposure and increased its growth in new regions.


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